Helicopter Pilot Jobs

Do you have what it takes to land one of the BEST helicopter pilot jobs out there?

There is such a wide variety of highly distinguished helicopter pilot jobs out there today. Such occupations as forest firefighting, heli-skiing, search and rescue, bush pilot operation, transportation, sightseeing tourism, and aerial surveys just to name a few. Fortunately, the demand for helicopter pilots is on the rise due to an expanding industry. Here are a few tips that will help you end up in that pilot seat a lot sooner than later.

Be the best. If you are interested in becoming a helicopter pilot but have not yet begun the necessary training, this is your golden opportunity to come out on top. Aim to be the best in your class to have a far greater chance at landing one of the best helicopter pilot jobs out there. More doors will be open to you if you graduated in the top of your class. Study hard during this time and remember that short term sacrifices result in long term gain.

Stand out above the crowd. Seek training in other areas that may be relevant to a potential job. Acquiring such additional knowledge as transportation of dangerous goods, long-lining, water bucketing, instrumentation, and even some customer service will definitely stand out on a résumé and put you ahead of all the other candidates.

Build flight hours. Employers are always on the lookout for pilots with a lot of flight hours under their belts. But how can you get experience without a job, and how can you get a job without any experience? As this may appear to be a vicious circle, there are actually several ways to build up your flight hours. One of the fastest and most valuable ways to accumulate hours is to become a flight instructor. You might even be fortunate enough to be hired by the very school that trained you. There are also the odd junior helicopter pilot jobs (i.e. crop spraying) that let you fly while not requiring a lot of logged hours. While the experience is good, they might not guarantee as much flying time as you would like. There are also apprentice positions where you can learn many important skills such as engineering and other technical aspects that may lead to some good flying time. Ideally employers like to see 1,000 hours of flying time, though it is not uncommon for a pilot to land a good commercial job with less experience. Every hour you gain gets you one step closer to landing your ideal job so keep flying as much as you can.

Be pleasant and professional. This pretty much goes for the majority of jobs out there. Being pleasant and professional will get you hired a lot faster than the cocky pilot with the bad attitude, especially if the job includes working with customers.

Remember, safety first. One of the most appealing things to a potential employer is a pilot that practices safety and is a firm believer in its importance. Nobody wants to hire a high risk individual, especially when it comes to entrusting them with such expensive equipment. Insurance companies also tend to avoid those that pose a risk. Aside from employers and insurance companies, the most important thing is that you return home from work in the same condition as when you arrived at work.

Be flexible. Depending on the position, be prepared to either relocate or spend long periods of time away from home. A lot of helicopter pilot jobs are in remote areas that may require you to stay on location for several consecutive days or weeks before being able to return home for days off.

Never give up. It may take a while to land your first job, let alone your dream job. Chances are you’ll have to do several less desirable jobs while building hours and gaining experience before achieving your ultimate goal. You may find it to be a time-consuming process but it is worth it in the long run. While you are working toward your next pilot job, never stop learning, training, and fine-tuning your skills in the meantime.

Live the dream. Who doesn’t want to get paid for doing something they absolutely love? There are so many exciting helicopter pilot jobs out there, all of them unique and rewarding in their own way. Congratulations! You are one of a small percentage of people fortunate enough to be able to turn their passion into a life-long career.